About us

We are the UK’s leading provider of Motorway Service Areas (MSAs) with over 45 locations and 5,000 staff across the UK. The company was founded in 1962 (as Granada) and still retains the headquarters at Toddington Services. It became known as Moto in 2001. Over 150 million people visit our MSAs every year, with the most popular three sites (Wetherby, Cherwell Valley and Toddington North) attracting over 5 million visitors.

Where to find us

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Why are MSAs important?

The Department for Transport advises that drivers take a 15 minute break every two hours to prevent tiredness related accidents. MSAs provide drivers and their passengers with the opportunity to rest, visit the toilet and take on refreshments. Most of our MSAs also have hotels for overnight rests.

MSAs also provide facilities and 24hr parking for HGV vehicles to ensure drivers of large vehicles and abnormal loads can keep safely within their Tachograph limits. On-site dedicated parking prevents the need for these vehicles to use roadside bays or laybys. Three Moto locations also provide much needed truck-wash facilities.



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